JaeOS® -- Just Another Embedded OS

Because the RTOS should be a commodity.
Because the RTOS should be a commodity.

The X86 Target

While it would be very unusual to use an x86 based PC as an embedded system, PCs are ubiquitous. Also most people can already read x86 assembly. So I have decided to provide a port for people to have an easy way to try JaeOS.

It is running in a flat 32bit address space and it assumes that you are booting it with a multiboot compatible boot loader such as GRUB.

Of course the executable that can run on a real PC can also run on a PC simulator -- saves a lot of trouble during development. The picture below shows the development tool called Bochs running a simulated PC which is executing one of the JaeOS demos.

Bochs Running JaeOS
JaeOS® is a registered trademark of Andras Zsoter in Canada.