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Because the RTOS should be a commodity.
Because the RTOS should be a commodity.

The Altera Cyclone-V SoC Target

The Cyclone-V Soc is an FPGA product from the Altera Corporation similar in capabilities to a Xilinx Zynq. The Cyclone-V SoC also has an ARM Cortex-A9 in it. I have only spent a limited time experimenting with the Altera hardware, so it is just a really simple port.

The Altera setup is really easy to work with, you can actually build the demos from a Makefile in the JaeOS source directory that you have pulled from Git.

Altera has good support for Linux based software, RTOS compatible drivers however, are not on par with what is available for Zynq, one has to rely on 3rd party vendors.

The Cyclone-V SoC port was done using the Atlas-SoC board shown below, which is a really nice demo board. Because JaeOS's own demos only use the CPU, timer, and a serial port it is likely that the same code will run on other Cyclone-V based products even unchanged.

Atlas-SoC with Cyclone-V
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